Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well- where do I even begin- it has been a crazy couple of weeks. We have had lots of company(which we love), lots of "projects" (which I love) and even went to colorado- which was amazing.. there are pictures further down!! This is my absoulte favorite time of year!! I absolutely LOVE the fall colors, the fall candels, fall decorations and fall crafts.. which I really wish I was better at- but we have fun tryin!! Abbie and I have fun going outside and pickin' pumpkins to give to family and friends and decorating our house with. I can't believe she is already 4 1/2 months old!!!
These pictures are kinda out of order but this is my little babe all bundled-up in Colorado. Luckily I had just given her to Justin because me and Justins cousin and aunt went on a walk and ended up getting rained on! Of-couse it started raining when we were on a trail, far from the road and cabin so by the time we got back we were DRENTCHED!!
Abbie loves her grandma Sego!!
Ok- so this is one of the projects I was talking about. Sometimes Justin comes home and asks if I'm in "the mood" - which at our house means he can tell that I am getting the urge to do something drastic to our house - or in this case the furniture. Poor- Justin because everytime I start a project he always ends up having to help me .. I'm terrible at measuring things and using tools! So whenever he can tell I'm in "the mood" he has now started to be too busy with something else! But anyways- this tabel was alot of work- it has six chairs and two inserts. To make a long story short if anyone is thinking of doing this after trial and error we found that before you stain wood you should first put on wood conditioner, it makes the stain more even, and when you paint we like satin best cause its not too shiney. Actually I take all that back - never do a project like this- just buy one it is MUCh easier!!!
Abbie is now rollin like crazy!! She loves to be on the floor where she can play by herself. Her favorite toys are her hands. She love to watch them and figure out how she can get them in her mouth. She also love her uncle Garrett!! He is single (so if anyone knows any single girls let us know - we are all looking at this point :) so he is at our house all the time. We always joke that our family consists of me, jusitn, abbie, and garrett!! :)
These are the BEAUTIFUL pictures of colorado. I have never seen colors like that before, it almost looked fake. We took a long drive to an old miners town that had been abandoned. It was really interesting looking at all the old houses and shopes and wondering what those peoples lives were like way back then. Of couse we also did a bunch of deer and elk watching (which made us drive like 5 mph so we wouldnt miss anything!!) But we did see a baby deer which was really cute.. I took a picture but he was too fast.

This is Justin and his dad just below the cabin checkin on the cows.... they're both in heaven!!