Sunday, July 11, 2010

June..June..June..what a crazy month!! It was by far one of the saddest, hardest, happiest months all in one. It all started when I went to my 36 week Dr. appointment and found out that I was 5cm dilated and 75% effaced. The Dr. told me to just take it easy for the next week. At that time I was excited because I thought I was going to have my baby about 2 weeks early which was the same as Abbie.That next Sunday I got one of the worst phone sweet gram had gotten in a car accident while taking a bunch of my cousins to church. Luckily all my cousins were ok but my poor gram passed away that same day. I still can't believe she is actually gone! She was honestly the best grandma anyone could ask for. I could go on an on about how much she meant to me and my family but it's just a little too personal. Justin said it best.. she died doing what she loved, going to church and hauling her grandkids around!

She loved going to all our games and supporting us in all we did. (I know..Zack is a GIANT, we still aren't too sure where he came from!)

She was always the life of the party, she would shake a leg every chance she got! Her most favorite times was when our huge family would get together no matter how crazy it got!

Well to continue why June was so crazy.. my gram's funeral was about the same time the Dr. thought I would go into labor. The Thursday before her funeral which was on Saturday the Dr. said I was now at a six and about 90% effaced. She thought I would go into labor that night!! So of course I was freaked because I had to make it to her funeral. To make a long story short I made it to her funeral. I know that she was holding my sweet baby until it was over, knowing how much it meant to me to be able to go!
That next day the contractions started and to make another long story short from the time I got to the hospital to the time she was born was a total of 20 MINUTES!!! Yes- that means NO DRUGS!!! To say the least I hoping for death!;) Looking back on it now actually makes me laugh. I wish I had a video camera of Justin. He was totally freaking out. He is the biggest baby when it comes to blood or anything of that matter, usually it ends up in him fainting!! But luckily he made it through just a little white and panicked!

After all that excitement my sweet baby girl was born on June 13th, weighing 5.5 and 18 inches long. We named her Brynlee Retha Sego. We went back and forth about using Retha as her middle name because honestly it just doesn't really "flow" with any name. But after I had her my dad called and we had a little emotional talk about my grandma and I just knew I had to name her after one of the best ladies I have ever known!

Brynlee and her uncle Garret takin' it easy on a Sunday afternoon.

So far she is such a sweet baby. It's funny how you can love someone so much in such a short period of time.

I was kinda nervous about how Abbie would act with a new baby in the house but she actually has been doing great. She loves to kiss her and try to give her "five". Whenever Brynlee starts to cry no matter where Abbie is in the house she comes running yelling " I comin baby, I comin"! Or my favorite is when she crys Abbie tells her "I be funny-k" ..trying to make her stop.

June 1st was also Abbie's 2 birthday. I still can't believe it!! We had a little party planned for her but unfortunately we had to cancel it because I ended up having to be in the hospital the majority of the day so they could monitor my baby. I don't think it bothered her...she still loved all her toys especially her new trike!

For the 4th of July we went to Colorado with all of Justin's family. We always love to get out of town and head up to the mountains. Abbie loved ridding the 4-wheelers!

I would love to know what Abbie and her little cousin Zoey are talking about. Probably purses and babies!

After a long hard day of playing, playing, playing!

Justin and Garret ate a little too much for dinner and had to stretch out to make room for the smores! As they were laying there their dad started singing.." Chestnuts roasting on an open fire". It was pretty funny! Overall it was a great 4th of July and we can't wait to head back up to Colorado again.