Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is my favorite time of the year! I absolutely love the fall with all the changing colors, yummy smelling candles, and of course all the hords of food!! Although I love fall- Christmas is the best!! We cheated and started listening to Christmas music and put up most our Christmas decorations about two weeks before Thanksgiving! :) Every night Justin has been building a fire and even though it sometimes makes a mess it is so fun going to sleep listening to the wood crack as it burns!! There is something about a fire that makes a home feel so cozy!!

This time of year is always so crazy-busy.. here is just some of the stuff we have been up to..

The friday after Thanksgiving all the sego men went hunting. They all got tags for cow elk! Justin was so excitied he had been preparing for weeks! He ended up getting his on the first day..but still ended up staying out there for almost a week so everyone else could get one.
So - me and Abbie hung out all week.. I definetly give it up for all the single moms!!! Of course the one time Justin is out of town my babysitter was also out of town. ( I dont think I have mentioned that I work as a hygienist mon and tue 8-2. Which is the perfect schedual and I really like it) So my good friend Kuli saved me and watched my crazy girl!! Abbie loved hangin out with her cute kids. I owe you Kuli!!!

This has to be the one thing I hate about fall- ALL THE LEAVES!!! This doesn't even do it justice. We had already racked about twice that much .. this is just what is left of the front yard.. we haven't even started the back yard yet!!!

Right before the melt down..

and the melt down!!! Abbie and I both feel the same about all the leaves!!

Another reason why I love fall is football season!! All my bros have played and we love going home for their games!! Zacks team won so now they are state champs two years in a row - YEA!! This is my fam at the game.

Abbie loves her uncle Nate! She also loves cheering for Zack. I am bummed b/c I didn't get any pics of him after the game. But he did a great job!!

With all the work parties, ward parties, friend parties, family parties, baking, eating, wrapping, cleaning, shopping etc. etc. this is how Abbie deals with it all ! :) I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So I have recently found two new "obsessions"....

1- CLEANING CARPETS- I know that sounds really weird but its true!! Some of our good friends Todd and Kuli let us try theirs out and Im hooked!! Honestly I always thought of myself as a relatively clean person .. I always "tried" to get justin to take his shoes off in the house and It seemed like I was vacuming constantly!! After I used the miracle machine I have never been more disgusted in my life!!! The water was so dirty!! I did each room in the house twice and honestly I'm kinda gettin the itch to do it again!:) At the end I loved watching all the yucky dirt being sucked out of my house!!! I now know what I want santa to bring me!! (thanx kuli)

2- Ok .. I have to get real .. I will never be "obsessed" with exercizing but I found something I really like!! For the longest time I was so board with all my exercizing videos - I had them all memorized! I have always wanted to be able to join a gym but since i live too far away i really needed something to get me motivated agian. I ran across this video for post-prego's and i had to get it! The first week of doing it my stomach was SO sore i honestly couldn't laugh, bend, talk etc :) Justin kept callin me a baby so I made him try it and i think i got just as good a work out laughing at him. He was cryin the whole time.. he didnt even make it through half the ab section. I havent used it too long yet but i would recomend it to anyone.. even if you havent just had a baby. I am not a pro at exercizing but I have never had a better ab workout!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok - I know I am always behind on this bloggin thing but maybe someday I'll get good :) ! Well this years Halloween was alot of fun! Every year Justin and I have a pumpkin carving contest.. and of course AGAIN I WON!!! He never agrees .. but its true!! So for those of you who know my husband you will agree that he is one of the craziest people you will ever meet!! As you can tell we had alot of fun dressin' up!! It was all kinda a last minute thing so we definetly didnt go together. My costume was so lame I didnt even get a picture of it but Justin of course made sure I got every "angle" of his!! He is such a dork and makes me laugh every day but thats why I love him so much!!
pose #1

pose #2

and pose #3

Abbie was a chile pepper, I was a jock ( I told you we didnt go together :) Justins mom was a catipillar!! Abbie was so cute she kept lookin at Justin wondering who in the heck he was.. it was so funny!

My grandparents own a ranch and 2x a year we have a cattle drive to move the cows to and from the mountain. It has always been a tradition for all my family to get together and help. It has definetly made for some great memories !!

Justin has always loved horses and the "ranch life". He already can't wait until Abbie is old enough to riddin' with him!

My gram always drives up to meet the "cowboys" and feed them some lunch. These are my cousins and aunt tryin to find some shade!!

Me and my cute gramp!! (you might not want to read this part... journaling) He is the most real life cowboy you'll ever meet. Iremember one time me and my cousin Ki went with him to the mountain to check on the cows and he told us to stay by this small stream and make sure the cows didnt leave while he went and checked on some other ones in a different spot. We sat there FOREVER in the hot sun when finally we decided to get off our horses and play in the stream. When my gramp came back we were getting back on our horses to leave and Ki couldnt get on hers b/c he kept tryin to bite her!! My gramp thought there should be no excuses and told her not to let the horse be in charge. After he helped her get back on he left again and told us to again keep watching the same cows ( lookin back I think he thought we were slowing him down so he gave us an "important"job) But anyways she wouldnt get off the horse agian b/c she thought my gramp would get madd at her so she just sat there for like two hours while I got off and played in the stream to cool off. It was so funny .. maybe you had to be there!

Abbie is getting so big..she is now a little over 5 months. I love watching her different stages. She is now at the stage where she loves to play on the floor and make little screams at the top of her lungs! Whenever I lay her down the next thing I know she has rolled all the way across the room. Sometimes she gets stuck under the coffee table.. its so funny!!

She is so squirmy... everytime I put her in her bumbo she wiggles around trying to get out. I can already tell she is going to be very acitve!!

The YM/YW sent the kids on different missions for one of there activities. They asked Justin to give a little spill about his mission to Mexico and then seve them an authentic meal. He had so much fun shopping and preparing the meal.!

He made moule (not sure how to spell it), rice, tortillas, and guava juce.!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well- where do I even begin- it has been a crazy couple of weeks. We have had lots of company(which we love), lots of "projects" (which I love) and even went to colorado- which was amazing.. there are pictures further down!! This is my absoulte favorite time of year!! I absolutely LOVE the fall colors, the fall candels, fall decorations and fall crafts.. which I really wish I was better at- but we have fun tryin!! Abbie and I have fun going outside and pickin' pumpkins to give to family and friends and decorating our house with. I can't believe she is already 4 1/2 months old!!!
These pictures are kinda out of order but this is my little babe all bundled-up in Colorado. Luckily I had just given her to Justin because me and Justins cousin and aunt went on a walk and ended up getting rained on! Of-couse it started raining when we were on a trail, far from the road and cabin so by the time we got back we were DRENTCHED!!
Abbie loves her grandma Sego!!
Ok- so this is one of the projects I was talking about. Sometimes Justin comes home and asks if I'm in "the mood" - which at our house means he can tell that I am getting the urge to do something drastic to our house - or in this case the furniture. Poor- Justin because everytime I start a project he always ends up having to help me .. I'm terrible at measuring things and using tools! So whenever he can tell I'm in "the mood" he has now started to be too busy with something else! But anyways- this tabel was alot of work- it has six chairs and two inserts. To make a long story short if anyone is thinking of doing this after trial and error we found that before you stain wood you should first put on wood conditioner, it makes the stain more even, and when you paint we like satin best cause its not too shiney. Actually I take all that back - never do a project like this- just buy one it is MUCh easier!!!
Abbie is now rollin like crazy!! She loves to be on the floor where she can play by herself. Her favorite toys are her hands. She love to watch them and figure out how she can get them in her mouth. She also love her uncle Garrett!! He is single (so if anyone knows any single girls let us know - we are all looking at this point :) so he is at our house all the time. We always joke that our family consists of me, jusitn, abbie, and garrett!! :)
These are the BEAUTIFUL pictures of colorado. I have never seen colors like that before, it almost looked fake. We took a long drive to an old miners town that had been abandoned. It was really interesting looking at all the old houses and shopes and wondering what those peoples lives were like way back then. Of couse we also did a bunch of deer and elk watching (which made us drive like 5 mph so we wouldnt miss anything!!) But we did see a baby deer which was really cute.. I took a picture but he was too fast.

This is Justin and his dad just below the cabin checkin on the cows.... they're both in heaven!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ok- before I post what I was planning on today the funniest thing just happened.. we noticed Abbie was being very quiet so Justin went over to her and he started laughing b/c her eyes started going cross-eyed, nostrils flared, and then the EXPLOSION!!! This picture doesn't even really do it justice- it was everywhere. But the funny thing is that it went mainly up her sides - I had never seen anything like it!! So of course Justin started freakin out (gagging/laughing), we then made a deal I take off her diaper (I always get the worst part of the deals :) if he puts her in the bath. When it was Justins turn, as he was undressing her he got poo all over her tummy, arms and HAIR!!! Of course he made Garret his bro help him and they were both dieing!! I tried to take pictures of them but they wouldn't pay attention to me, they were too busy FREAKIN OUT!! It was honestly the funniest thing to watch them. But know everything is clean and sanitized and she is sleeping! :)

Abbie is now 3 1/2 months old!! We try to do tummy time everyday but she absolutely hates it, these pictures are just before she has her breakdown! She has been sleeping through the night now for about 2 weeks and every morning we through a party!! She has discovered her hands and it is so funny to watch her concentrate so hard on how she can get them into her mouth. Some of her favorite things are trees, fans and when we sing and dance together! Justin makes fun of me but Abbie and I love it!! Although it was pretty embarrassing, the other day Justins mom and sister came to the door and witnessed the famous song and dance- they busted up laughing- I didnt think it was that funny- I think I have some dang good moves and voice... although no one seems to agree! :)

The annual "gettin wood" trip. Of couse our chain saw kept breaking down so justin was constatly trting to fix it. ( I think he was just tryin to get out of work) :)

Mine and Ki's battle wounds, they really were bigger in real life.
Abbie and Paysons (Ki's baby boy) 1st wood gettin trip. They really enjoyed watching us all work!

So I'm really trying to get our food storage built up and since we had millions of tomatoes I got this really DUMB idea one day that I would try and be all domesticated and can them. BAD IDEA!! It took me all day and I kept busting the jars b/c they weren't hot enough when I put them in the boiling water so they would seal!! So between Abbie and busting jars I only canned about 20. I called my dad afterward to tell him about it thinking he would be all proud of me- but his comment was.. you know you can get two cans for a dollar at the store!!!!

We went with some of our friends to the UNM vs UofA football game. It was alot of fun and perfect weather. Justin kept texting my fam b/c they are all big UofA fans and talking trash b/c UNM won again.
Abbie enjoying watching all the crazy UNM fans
Ben and Skye have a little girl that is a few months older then Abbie so we like to get together so they can "play" As you can tell Abbie loves it!
I noticed that we hadn't been taking many pictures of us with Abbie so this is us and her before the game.

Monday, August 25, 2008

This year I finally got Justin to help me plant a garden!! In the years past he would just tell me to go and plant it in the coral (i think that is how you spell it :) b/c he didn' t want to help me put up a fence so the horse wouldn't get into it! Whatever- who plants a garden in a coral ?!? Anyways he finally gave in and he ended up planting it right in the middle of all my boards so I really didn't help much ... so what did we end up with.. a garden with tuns and tuns of zucchini (he thougt one row of it was cucumbers), squash, and 20 yes 20 tomatoe plants!! So here is a picture of some of our produce this year. My favorite is the one with the yellow flower :)Everything was planted way too close together so our garden basically looks like a jungle! But I can' t complain b/c I know I couldn't have done any better. Next year we will know better!!

My grandma and grandpa came up to see Abbie, it was so great to see them. My grams picture is at the bottom- still workin on this bloggin thing!
Abbie is getting so big, she has definetly mastered giving the "dirty looks", if you can't tell! I always tease Justin that she is definetly his daughter b/c she always needs constant attention! She loves to be talked to and her favorite thing is to go on walks, so every night I load her up and we go walkin. The other night I was holding her on my lap and she kicked her legs for a straight 30 min- it was so funny! She had beads and buttons on her socks so she liked the noise they made when she kicked. She is so much fun !

Karli came and stayed with us and she loved to tell Abbie princess and cheerleader stories while Abbie swang. It was the cuttest thing b/c Abbie would would just stare at Karli like she knew exactly what she was saying.
2 1/2 months- I can't believe how fast she is growing!!
oops!!! :)