Monday, October 26, 2009

Sorry this is a really long post...but about a month or so ago my cute cuz Kristin took pics of Abbs for me!! There were a tun of cute ones but for some reason my computer wouldn't let me save them so I could post more, it only let me do this one. I'm sure I messed it up somehow ( I hate working on computers!) But hopefully I'll get it figured out because I love how she captured Abbies sassy attitude perfectly!! But here's my little red head at about 15 1/2 months!! Ok- on to the long part.. a few weeks ago our little fam took a vacation!! We went and saw my cousin and her hubby in Delaware. It was honestly the best!! I could go on and on about all the different things we saw and did but I will spare everyone and try to really condense it.
From the moment we got there we started running and didn't stop the whole time. It was a complete miracle because my busy little girl was good basically the whole time!! We first went to Gettysburg. This is a picture of just one the cemeteries. It was super neat learning more about what happened there. Justin kept makin' fun of me because I really got into all the history back there and kept wanting to learn more, but it was just all so interesting to me!

After Gettysburg we went to Lancaster Pennsylvania to see the Amish! This is a pic of Abbs in front of one of the cute Amish stores.

The Amish farms were so beautiful!

Justin loved to watch how they cut and gathered their hay. I didn't post a pic but we saw a father and young son (maybe 10) each using a team of about 5 horses to harvest their corn. I couldn't get over how little the boy looked, but it didn't stop him he kept right up with his dad!!

I got a kick out of this picture. It was a mom and son coming home from the store in a wagon! I can only imagine Abbie and I doing that.. she would either jump out or be jumping all over me!!

My cousin Lexi's house is really close to the beach.. so we had to take Abbie for her first time to see the ocean. At first, as you can see in this picture she wasn't too sure what she was looking at...

but as I figured it wouldn't take her long to want to run and jump into it! The rest of our time there was spent blocking her from the was freezing!! As you can see in the picture Justin thinks his turn is over!! :)

The east coast beaches are so beautiful.. so different from the west coast beaches. I love all the tall grass growing near by! (I told Justin he should have wore the same get-up the guy behind us is wearing.. hot ;) !!!

Lexi's husband Hector has a speed boat and took us on a ride out to the ocean. I love how whenever I take Justin's pic he always look so "cool" .. I can hardly ever get him to smile..what a dork! But it was really pretty .. I've never seen so many trees or at least what I kinda saw of them since my eyes were mainly closed the entire time b/c I swear Hector didn't go below 60mph the entire ride!!!

Then off to Washington DC. I didn't post many pictures because everyone has seen them before. But the museums were so great.. I could go into detail about them all but I will spare you. I'll just say I'm definitely fascinated about our countries history and am so grateful that I live in this amazing country!

Our next destination.. the BIG NYC!!!!! Lexi was so sweet and offered to watch Abbie while Justin and I went to NY! Wow- what a big city!! When we first got off the bus we were both so lost. This is one of the many times we had to stop and figure where in the heck we were. I guess we are both just a couple of hicks!! Oh- and you can see that Justin is wearing a hat.. well it is a Boston Red Sox hat and if anyone goes to NY NEVER wear that hat. We didn't realize what rivals Ny and Boston are. Need less to say he eventually took if off after about he 20th comment!!

Times Square.. right next to our hotel!

I loved Central Park, we spent most of the afternoon there! The colors were so beautiful!! To say the least it was one of our best vacations! Thanxs so my Lex for letting us bunk up with you two for so long.. we already miss it!!

Ok- it is definitely confirmed.. I am loosing my mind!! Today Abbie had been super cranky, I think its b/c she is getting in one molar, I swear the kid only gets in one tooth at a time making to miserable for she and I!! So in between trying to update my blog I decided I would give her a bath to try and make her feel better..well this is what happened. I went to grab a towel and noticed I had put her in the bath with her DIAPER ON!!!! I always knew that when I had her she stole some of my brain cells and I guess its true.. I can't even imagine what I'll be like when I have more kids.. yikes!!:)