Thursday, March 5, 2009

9 MONTHS OLD!! I tried FOREVER to try and get her to look at me and this is what I got! She was way too interested in taking off and playing with her shoes!!

I can't believe it .. my little babe is 9 months old!! I took her the Dr. for her check-up and it is pretty much confirmed.. my baby is a shrimp!! She is 26 inches long and weighs 15 lbs, meaning she is only in the 5% for height and 8% for weight!! But she definitely makes up for it with her sassy personality and BIG ATTITUDE!!! She is so much fun and definitely keeps me on my toes! Her favorite thing to do right now it scrunch up her nose and lips while breathing hard- kinda hard to explain but really funny. Her favorite games are peek-aboo, rolling the ball back and forth with each other and daddy or anyone chasing her. Although I love to play those games with her, one of my most favorite traits about my sweet little girl is she is a born shopper!!:) A few weeks ago her and I went to Mesa and at first I was nervous that she was going to be a handful but she was an angel!! She absolutely loved being in her stroller walkin through all the malls and other shopping centers! And when I say we went shopping I mean we really went shopping ALL DAY LONG!!! I think my mom and I have found us a new partner! Justin is also super happy because Abbie loves animals. Every time we walk by the window she makes a little screaming noise meaning that she wants to go watch the horse and dog. Justin is counting the days until he can put her in the saddle...yikes!! We both absolutely love to watch her grow and discover new things and are excited to see her become a sweet (and probably feisty) little girl!!