Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I have recently found two new "obsessions"....

1- CLEANING CARPETS- I know that sounds really weird but its true!! Some of our good friends Todd and Kuli let us try theirs out and Im hooked!! Honestly I always thought of myself as a relatively clean person .. I always "tried" to get justin to take his shoes off in the house and It seemed like I was vacuming constantly!! After I used the miracle machine I have never been more disgusted in my life!!! The water was so dirty!! I did each room in the house twice and honestly I'm kinda gettin the itch to do it again!:) At the end I loved watching all the yucky dirt being sucked out of my house!!! I now know what I want santa to bring me!! (thanx kuli)

2- Ok .. I have to get real .. I will never be "obsessed" with exercizing but I found something I really like!! For the longest time I was so board with all my exercizing videos - I had them all memorized! I have always wanted to be able to join a gym but since i live too far away i really needed something to get me motivated agian. I ran across this video for post-prego's and i had to get it! The first week of doing it my stomach was SO sore i honestly couldn't laugh, bend, talk etc :) Justin kept callin me a baby so I made him try it and i think i got just as good a work out laughing at him. He was cryin the whole time.. he didnt even make it through half the ab section. I havent used it too long yet but i would recomend it to anyone.. even if you havent just had a baby. I am not a pro at exercizing but I have never had a better ab workout!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok - I know I am always behind on this bloggin thing but maybe someday I'll get good :) ! Well this years Halloween was alot of fun! Every year Justin and I have a pumpkin carving contest.. and of course AGAIN I WON!!! He never agrees .. but its true!! So for those of you who know my husband you will agree that he is one of the craziest people you will ever meet!! As you can tell we had alot of fun dressin' up!! It was all kinda a last minute thing so we definetly didnt go together. My costume was so lame I didnt even get a picture of it but Justin of course made sure I got every "angle" of his!! He is such a dork and makes me laugh every day but thats why I love him so much!!
pose #1

pose #2

and pose #3

Abbie was a chile pepper, I was a jock ( I told you we didnt go together :) Justins mom was a catipillar!! Abbie was so cute she kept lookin at Justin wondering who in the heck he was.. it was so funny!

My grandparents own a ranch and 2x a year we have a cattle drive to move the cows to and from the mountain. It has always been a tradition for all my family to get together and help. It has definetly made for some great memories !!

Justin has always loved horses and the "ranch life". He already can't wait until Abbie is old enough to riddin' with him!

My gram always drives up to meet the "cowboys" and feed them some lunch. These are my cousins and aunt tryin to find some shade!!

Me and my cute gramp!! (you might not want to read this part... journaling) He is the most real life cowboy you'll ever meet. Iremember one time me and my cousin Ki went with him to the mountain to check on the cows and he told us to stay by this small stream and make sure the cows didnt leave while he went and checked on some other ones in a different spot. We sat there FOREVER in the hot sun when finally we decided to get off our horses and play in the stream. When my gramp came back we were getting back on our horses to leave and Ki couldnt get on hers b/c he kept tryin to bite her!! My gramp thought there should be no excuses and told her not to let the horse be in charge. After he helped her get back on he left again and told us to again keep watching the same cows ( lookin back I think he thought we were slowing him down so he gave us an "important"job) But anyways she wouldnt get off the horse agian b/c she thought my gramp would get madd at her so she just sat there for like two hours while I got off and played in the stream to cool off. It was so funny .. maybe you had to be there!

Abbie is getting so big..she is now a little over 5 months. I love watching her different stages. She is now at the stage where she loves to play on the floor and make little screams at the top of her lungs! Whenever I lay her down the next thing I know she has rolled all the way across the room. Sometimes she gets stuck under the coffee table.. its so funny!!

She is so squirmy... everytime I put her in her bumbo she wiggles around trying to get out. I can already tell she is going to be very acitve!!

The YM/YW sent the kids on different missions for one of there activities. They asked Justin to give a little spill about his mission to Mexico and then seve them an authentic meal. He had so much fun shopping and preparing the meal.!

He made moule (not sure how to spell it), rice, tortillas, and guava juce.!