Sunday, June 28, 2009

I know it's a little late- but my sweet baby turned ONE on June 1!! It honestly made me a little sad. I just can't believe how fast this past year has flown by! She has been so much fun, she makes me laugh every day! Its weird looking back and seeing how much she has changed! When she was first born she had really dark hair and for a long time we thought her eyes were going to stay green... but now she is my feisty little red head with dark brown eyes!

Of-course the morning of her party I took her outside just long enough for her to be attacked by mosquitoes!! I was watching her the whole time I was pullin weeds and I guess the mosquitoes were too! I didn't see any around me so I didn't even think about them getting her. I felt like such a bad mom because of course she has sensitive skin so they swelled up like crazy!! So I had a mosquito bitten, cranky, tired baby on her first b-day!

I took a million pics of her while she was diggin into her cake and of course none of them turned out- but she definitely loved it. She cried the whole time until we put the cake in front of her. She instantly dug right in and ate every last crumb!! She is just like her mommy and LOVES the sweet stuff!!

It was really funny because Abbie and Cohen (her cuz) kept "sharing" with each other. I think they just liked sticken their fingers in each others mouths!! :)

Abbie got a lot of fun toys- she loves this grocery cart. It is super funny watching her push it around because it is almost as tall as she is and she has a hard time seeing over it so she is continually running into things and hasn't figured out how to turn it around. So she gets super frustrated and starts chucking everything out that she just took forever loading in. -funny girl-

Another one of her favorite toys is this magnet farm set thing. She loves to stand at the fridge and push the button because it plays songs and she loves to dance! So to say the least I have every song memorized and can never get the tune out of my head all day long!!!

The first part of June we went with Justin's fam to Durango. It was a lot of fun. I always like getting out of town and heading up to the mountains. We rented a pontoon boat so we could go fishing and hang out on the lake. Of-course all the kiddos were required to wear life jackets and it was hilarious trying to get the babies to wear them. Poor Abbie... the jacket was as big as she is!

This is definitely my favorite picture. She couldn't move at all! Her face says exactly what she thought of the whole thing! :)

Justin was nominated to be the captain- although he soon got fired because he kept hot rodding it and splashing us all!!

I also went to St. Johns to hang with the fam and take Abbs swimming for her first time. I have always love the sj pool. Growing up I think I spent everyday there in the summers! Although the first day it was kinda cold and windy and then the second day it was closed. But she still loved it! So instead of swimmin we went to the park and swung!

Her favorite thing right now is dogs or "doe doe" as she calls them. While she was swinging she saw a dog and started yellin for the doe doe.

Abbie absolutely loves water. Whenever I am watering the flowers she is constantly squirming in my arms so she can stick her hands in it. Although the absolute worst is when I irrigate .. she trys to do nose dives out of my arms so she can reach the water. One day I got sick of fighting her so I let her have at it. She instantly started splashing, crawling, rolling and even tried to drink it!! She is my crazy girl!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I can't believe summer is already here....TIME FLYS!!!! So far this summer has been super crazy for us. Justin usually leaves by at least 8:00 am and doesn't get home until around 8:30 pm Mon -Fri and on Sat he is gone until at least 2 or so and Sunday he usually has meetings!! Sometimes I go crazy but I am starting to get used to it. Abbie and I are definitely never board....since Justin is never home we get to do ALL the yard work and Justin's paperwork for his business on top of everything else. I really do like doing yard work but sometimes it gets overwhelming.. I swear I could pull weeds daily and still never get them all!! It was pretty funny.. a few days ago I was trying to start our lawn mower (which ALWAYS takes me forever) and of course the stupid thing wouldn't start , so I was yankin and yankin on the dumb string thing and after about the 20th pull I let a few cuss words slip and I was getting super ticked! I looked over at Abbie and my dog Sadie and they were both completely kicked back on the porch just watching her crazy mom.. I wish I had taken a pic cause it was really funny!

So...since we have been so crazy I really haven't taken any pics (besides the millions I took at my cousins wedding). But I did get this one, Abbie loves to talk on my cell phone. It is pretty funny every time she could get ahold of it she puts it right to her ear and starts blabbering.

So the rest of this post is for my cuz lexi.. since she lives in Delaware she couldn't make it to Tara's wedding so I promised I would take lots of pics and post them for her...sorry there is so many..I was kinda camera happy!
Tara and TJ

I can't believe it has been over4 years since we were at this same Temple!

* The cake *

gramp and Justin chillin in the shade at the temple

my cousin Devin who had just gotten home from in mission and my sis cam

And another cute little cousin Riggs. He was so pumped that he caught the guarder. I liked how he decided to wear it!:)

Even more cousins ( yes I have tuns!!) Makayla (top) and Makenna ( bottom ) both loved playing with Abbie and she definitely loved it just as much. I basically didn't see her the whole night. They had so much fun together!!

This is the picture that doomed us all!!! I'm pretty sure Justin feed Abbs refried beans all night.. because we definitely suffered for about 4 days after!!! I seriously didn't think such a little thing could honestly crap so much!!! Poor baby...and mommy! :)

I thought this picture was super cute.. Abbie was trying to give Payson (Ki's baby) a kiss. I wish the picture would have gotten him in it also, but he is behind the leg tryin to get away. :) Lately she has been such a smoocher! She will give ANYONE a big wet one including people at the store, luckily I stopped that one!!

Abbie buggin Payson again, she was trying to give him flower petals. I love his expression..such a guy!! :)

My funny gram dancin the night away like she is 17 again! ( Sorry lex.. my camera takes horrible pics)

My mom and some of my aunts doing the macaraina (no clue how to spell it :)

Justin trying to act like he is a pro dancer.. nice try !

gram and Zack, look at the height difference.. where does he come from!?!

Justin and Orrin trying to give all the boys tips on how to pick up on the ladies!! Whatever.. keep tryin!! :)

I just love this chick!