Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well- Justin just left for his second round of calling duty and I thought I could either finish off the bucket of ice cream or update my blog that I have completely forgotten about. I guess I'll save the ice cream until the girls go to bed and I can enjoy it in peace! :)

In February we headed to the great ol' state of AZ for my little bro's wedding. It was great!! The weather was beautiful, wedding and reception a blast, shopping plentiful and friends and family everywhere. What else could we have asked for!?!

I think this might be our first family picture since Bryn was pathetic!!
Abbie absolutely loves Amanda! She hardly ever asks about Preston anymore it is now all about "Manda" as she calls her. During the wedding and receptions she kept asking me where Amanda's crown was. I think she just assumed she was a princess in her beautiful dress and every princess wears a crown ..right!

Bryn really liked hangin with her great grandma and grandpa Shreeve.

My cute mom and Bryn outside the Temple

And here they are the newly married couple!

Zack, Cam, Nate and Bryn. Karli and Abbs are running around somewhere

Well.. Justin and Garret have a new project going on..."oh joy"!! :) They came across a free hot tub and of course brought it to our house to 'fix it up"! Notice how Garret has his feet pushing on something in order for it to work! But my favorite part of the picture is Abbie. Notice how she has a dress on over her skirt. She said she had to wear the skirt because the dress didn't twirl very well!! She is totally into wearing dresses EVERYDAY and if they don't twirl just right it won't work and she refuses to wear it. If she isn't wearing her twirly dresses then she has on her princess dresses with crowns and the whole get-up! But I guess I should at least be thankful she has clothing on...we went through a stage where she only liked wearing her Dora panties!! She is definitely all girl!! The other day we were at the mall and she had the biggest meltdown over sparkly shoes!!! I think we are in trouble!! :)

This is my sweet Bryn or "little B" as we like to call her !:) I can't believe how big she is getting!! The other day while I was shopping a lady asked me if my girls were sisters because Abbs has the red hair and brown eyes and Brynlee has super blue eyes and really blond hair! We joke about what our next one will be like..who knows with our crazy genes!!!

She is full of smiles! Everytime she gets excitied she shakes both hands and feet. It really is super cute!

Abbie got invited to her first birthday party without mom and boy was she excited!! Right before she left I knelt down so I could look her in the eye and give her the talk! I went on to tell her that she had to share, say please and thank you etc. etc. After I got done with my talk she looked at me put her hands together, bowed her head, closed her eyes and whispered "YES MASTER"!! I busted up laughing so hard! At first I didn't know where she got that and then it dawned on me that she had recently watched Kung Fu Panda and there is a turtle master in it. So now on I keep trying to get her to call me Master instead of mom and sometimes she goes for it. But I'm really trying to get her to get her dad to call me Master but so far that hasn't worked!:)

(Oops I forget to rotate the pic) What would Spring be without another batch of 29 chicks to go along with the 16 chickens and 2 roosters we still have!! Yes, my husband is crazy!! He swears he is going to give some away but we'll see. I have decided that I have a severe phobia of roosters!! While Justin went hunting this past Fall I got the great job of feeding the "farm"! Those stinkin roosters would wait until I had my back turned to get hay for the horse and then they would both ATTACK!! I'm sure my neighbors thought I was crazy as I ran from the barn to the house screaming as those stinkin things chased me! Luckily my dad gave me some good advice and told me to take a broom out to smack them with the next time I went. So as I walked I would swing the broom back and forth so it would be harder for them to attack! Needless to say I haven't gone out since and told Justin the next time he leaves the roosters better be gone!!

And i thought I would end this post with how my sweet little red head felt about Sunday dinner! I guess I'll have to try something that might excite her a little more next time!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Since summer is over I thought I would post some of the things we have been up to..

Eating Healthy..
Ridding Rita or Rella as Abbie would call her..

Naps... its always a complete MIRACLE if they actually take one at the same time. They already have the tag-team thing down perfect!!

Bike rides...

Sweet Brynlee's blessing. (this pic was once turned right, I don't know what happened, surprising I know )

Tea parties with our own fashion make-overs and all..

Skinny-dippin' (we all have to do it at least once in the summer ..right ;)


and watching baby Bryn get bigger and bigger! She is about 2 1/2 months in this pic.

Of course each year we go to SJ for the 24th of July. This year Justin, Preston and Nate decided to do the wild cow milking and wild cow race in the rodeo. In this picture they are trying to strategically plan their moves..

As you can tell the "plan" didn't go over too swell. They were dragged, yanked, pulled and a few times I thought Justin was going to die of exhaustion! It was honestly probably one of the funniest things I'd seen in a while!

Each year after the parade there is an annual "candy trade". But notice the main person in charge ... he is such a kid!!!

With summer there is always a family reunion or two and in our family we can never get through one without my brothers and usually dad getting in some type of wrestling match. This year it was Nate and Preston who started us off!
I think this has to be one of my favorite pictures.. I love her little booty hangin out! She didn't care at all. She loved splashin in the water, weggy and all!!

There are so many Wengert cousins that we now have to carry everyone around in the horse trailor;)
To finish off the summer we headed over to St. Johns for the "big" SJ vs RV game. To make a long story short we ended having to play in Blue Ridge at about 9:00. So this is how Abbie enjoyed the game..poor grandma!

Bryn was really excited about the game. She must have already known the outcome..we lost-dang!

That next few days we went mountain biking and four-wheel ridding. I just had to post this pic because it completely describes karli's personality!

This also perfectly describes ol' Zack! What a dork!!! Who knows why he is taking a nap in the back of a dirty truck that is parked downhill and even better..why is only one shoe off!?! I laugh just thinking about the crazy kidmom and dad takin the leadNate put these bandannas on the girls and they didn't take them off the rest of the day
Karli is Abbie's "hero" as you can see she copies everything she does! What funny girls..or should I say "homies"

Well this summer has been a pretty crazy one but one that we will never forget. We are looking forward to the fall and all the fun that it will bring!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

June..June..June..what a crazy month!! It was by far one of the saddest, hardest, happiest months all in one. It all started when I went to my 36 week Dr. appointment and found out that I was 5cm dilated and 75% effaced. The Dr. told me to just take it easy for the next week. At that time I was excited because I thought I was going to have my baby about 2 weeks early which was the same as Abbie.That next Sunday I got one of the worst phone sweet gram had gotten in a car accident while taking a bunch of my cousins to church. Luckily all my cousins were ok but my poor gram passed away that same day. I still can't believe she is actually gone! She was honestly the best grandma anyone could ask for. I could go on an on about how much she meant to me and my family but it's just a little too personal. Justin said it best.. she died doing what she loved, going to church and hauling her grandkids around!

She loved going to all our games and supporting us in all we did. (I know..Zack is a GIANT, we still aren't too sure where he came from!)

She was always the life of the party, she would shake a leg every chance she got! Her most favorite times was when our huge family would get together no matter how crazy it got!

Well to continue why June was so crazy.. my gram's funeral was about the same time the Dr. thought I would go into labor. The Thursday before her funeral which was on Saturday the Dr. said I was now at a six and about 90% effaced. She thought I would go into labor that night!! So of course I was freaked because I had to make it to her funeral. To make a long story short I made it to her funeral. I know that she was holding my sweet baby until it was over, knowing how much it meant to me to be able to go!
That next day the contractions started and to make another long story short from the time I got to the hospital to the time she was born was a total of 20 MINUTES!!! Yes- that means NO DRUGS!!! To say the least I hoping for death!;) Looking back on it now actually makes me laugh. I wish I had a video camera of Justin. He was totally freaking out. He is the biggest baby when it comes to blood or anything of that matter, usually it ends up in him fainting!! But luckily he made it through just a little white and panicked!

After all that excitement my sweet baby girl was born on June 13th, weighing 5.5 and 18 inches long. We named her Brynlee Retha Sego. We went back and forth about using Retha as her middle name because honestly it just doesn't really "flow" with any name. But after I had her my dad called and we had a little emotional talk about my grandma and I just knew I had to name her after one of the best ladies I have ever known!

Brynlee and her uncle Garret takin' it easy on a Sunday afternoon.

So far she is such a sweet baby. It's funny how you can love someone so much in such a short period of time.

I was kinda nervous about how Abbie would act with a new baby in the house but she actually has been doing great. She loves to kiss her and try to give her "five". Whenever Brynlee starts to cry no matter where Abbie is in the house she comes running yelling " I comin baby, I comin"! Or my favorite is when she crys Abbie tells her "I be funny-k" ..trying to make her stop.

June 1st was also Abbie's 2 birthday. I still can't believe it!! We had a little party planned for her but unfortunately we had to cancel it because I ended up having to be in the hospital the majority of the day so they could monitor my baby. I don't think it bothered her...she still loved all her toys especially her new trike!

For the 4th of July we went to Colorado with all of Justin's family. We always love to get out of town and head up to the mountains. Abbie loved ridding the 4-wheelers!

I would love to know what Abbie and her little cousin Zoey are talking about. Probably purses and babies!

After a long hard day of playing, playing, playing!

Justin and Garret ate a little too much for dinner and had to stretch out to make room for the smores! As they were laying there their dad started singing.." Chestnuts roasting on an open fire". It was pretty funny! Overall it was a great 4th of July and we can't wait to head back up to Colorado again.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Well Summer has finally come..I thought it would never get here! It definitely is my most favorite time of the year. I love spending the majority of the day outside playing in the yard, trying to get plants to grow and driving my hubby absolutely crazy with all the projects I want to do around the house. He always tells me I have a chemical imbalance..I have no clue what he is talking about!:)
I love this picture below, it is a picture of our street. Almost everyday Abbie and I love to take walks down it and she always has to stop and wave at all the cows, horses and dogs that we pass along the way. Although this summer is not that easy..she now wants to get out about halfway through and push me in the stroller..ha yea right.. I only wish!!

This is our neighbor's bush, I always love when it is in pretty!

I came home the other day and Justin said he had a surprise for me. So instantly I thought he was the sweetest and had gotten me some stuff for the house I have been wanting. But I should have known.. I came home and this was his surprise. He and his bro Garret bought a 1960 something classic Ford truck. They love old cars and had been wanting to get an old mustang like they had in high school and fix it up. But when they saw this truck they decided they couldn't resist. It is actually really fun. All the inside is the original.. even the radio only plays AM so we only listen to 1960 music while drivin' around. Every time Abbie gets in she constantly says "cool daddy".

We finally got the patio shade cover thing finished(I can't think of what you actually call it) and the first thing Justin did was hang his hammock. I think this is where I will now find him whenever he isn't working!

Abbie's first encounter with a butterfly. It was so cute she kept laughing and trying to catch it and then she would ask the butterfly "what chya doin".

Can anyone say "BABY GOT BACK"!!!
While we were working in the yard Justin set up this little joy ride for Abbie to play on and man did she LOVe it!! Although we couldn't get Sadie to stay out but that didn't stop her, she busted up every time she and Sadie collided!

One of her favorite things now days is dressing herself in "pwetty skets". She is the most stubborn and independent little chick I've seen!! She insists on doing everything her way. I kept trying to pull her skirt up all the way but she wouldn't have it. I guess she already likes her booty hanging out..yikes!!!

This is exactly what my sweet little Abbs thinks of potty training!

This Memorial Day weekend we decided to take a little family rode trip down to Carlsbad Caverns. It was a lot of fun. The caverns were really neat. Abbie kept saying "dis es fon or cool daddy" She did really good the entire time until she got away just long enough to fall and skin her knee up. So of course her crying echoed big time throughout the entire caverns! I'm sure everyone was wondering who her crazy parents were!!

On our way home we decided to make a quick stop by the beach!! Yea right only in my dreams! This crazy picture is taken at white sands new mexico. It really is pretty weird .. in the middle of new mexico there is tuns and tuns of this white sand. I didn't get many pics b/c it was really bright and I forgot Abbie's sun glasses and she was super grouchy from being in the car forever! But it was worth the stop.. although all it basically did was really get me in the mood for lying on a real beach with waves drenching me, sippin' on a big fat diet coke and of course maybe a side of ice cream! Awww I could get lost in that dream for awhile!:)
As I was going through my camera I saw this pic and had to stop and look at it for a minute.. I can't believe how big she is getting, it honestly kinda makes me sad! Just ignore all the mosquito bites on her face, I swear my little chick is made of sugar, I can't keep those dang bugs off her!!!

Now I remeber why I dont blog too much anymore.. as I was just finishing this post I realized my little monster had snuck in the kitchen and emptied the enitre NEW bottle of dish soap all over the floor and rug! Oh the joys of parenthood!!