Sunday, September 19, 2010

Since summer is over I thought I would post some of the things we have been up to..

Eating Healthy..
Ridding Rita or Rella as Abbie would call her..

Naps... its always a complete MIRACLE if they actually take one at the same time. They already have the tag-team thing down perfect!!

Bike rides...

Sweet Brynlee's blessing. (this pic was once turned right, I don't know what happened, surprising I know )

Tea parties with our own fashion make-overs and all..

Skinny-dippin' (we all have to do it at least once in the summer ..right ;)


and watching baby Bryn get bigger and bigger! She is about 2 1/2 months in this pic.

Of course each year we go to SJ for the 24th of July. This year Justin, Preston and Nate decided to do the wild cow milking and wild cow race in the rodeo. In this picture they are trying to strategically plan their moves..

As you can tell the "plan" didn't go over too swell. They were dragged, yanked, pulled and a few times I thought Justin was going to die of exhaustion! It was honestly probably one of the funniest things I'd seen in a while!

Each year after the parade there is an annual "candy trade". But notice the main person in charge ... he is such a kid!!!

With summer there is always a family reunion or two and in our family we can never get through one without my brothers and usually dad getting in some type of wrestling match. This year it was Nate and Preston who started us off!
I think this has to be one of my favorite pictures.. I love her little booty hangin out! She didn't care at all. She loved splashin in the water, weggy and all!!

There are so many Wengert cousins that we now have to carry everyone around in the horse trailor;)
To finish off the summer we headed over to St. Johns for the "big" SJ vs RV game. To make a long story short we ended having to play in Blue Ridge at about 9:00. So this is how Abbie enjoyed the game..poor grandma!

Bryn was really excited about the game. She must have already known the outcome..we lost-dang!

That next few days we went mountain biking and four-wheel ridding. I just had to post this pic because it completely describes karli's personality!

This also perfectly describes ol' Zack! What a dork!!! Who knows why he is taking a nap in the back of a dirty truck that is parked downhill and even better..why is only one shoe off!?! I laugh just thinking about the crazy kidmom and dad takin the leadNate put these bandannas on the girls and they didn't take them off the rest of the day
Karli is Abbie's "hero" as you can see she copies everything she does! What funny girls..or should I say "homies"

Well this summer has been a pretty crazy one but one that we will never forget. We are looking forward to the fall and all the fun that it will bring!


Lexi and Hector said...

Yay Yay new cute

Heather said...

Looks like a great summer! your girls are just so dang cute and growing up so fast. brynlee looks so much bigger since i saw her she was so tiny. Love all the pictures!