Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is my favorite time of the year! I absolutely love the fall with all the changing colors, yummy smelling candles, and of course all the hords of food!! Although I love fall- Christmas is the best!! We cheated and started listening to Christmas music and put up most our Christmas decorations about two weeks before Thanksgiving! :) Every night Justin has been building a fire and even though it sometimes makes a mess it is so fun going to sleep listening to the wood crack as it burns!! There is something about a fire that makes a home feel so cozy!!

This time of year is always so crazy-busy.. here is just some of the stuff we have been up to..

The friday after Thanksgiving all the sego men went hunting. They all got tags for cow elk! Justin was so excitied he had been preparing for weeks! He ended up getting his on the first day..but still ended up staying out there for almost a week so everyone else could get one.
So - me and Abbie hung out all week.. I definetly give it up for all the single moms!!! Of course the one time Justin is out of town my babysitter was also out of town. ( I dont think I have mentioned that I work as a hygienist mon and tue 8-2. Which is the perfect schedual and I really like it) So my good friend Kuli saved me and watched my crazy girl!! Abbie loved hangin out with her cute kids. I owe you Kuli!!!

This has to be the one thing I hate about fall- ALL THE LEAVES!!! This doesn't even do it justice. We had already racked about twice that much .. this is just what is left of the front yard.. we haven't even started the back yard yet!!!

Right before the melt down..

and the melt down!!! Abbie and I both feel the same about all the leaves!!

Another reason why I love fall is football season!! All my bros have played and we love going home for their games!! Zacks team won so now they are state champs two years in a row - YEA!! This is my fam at the game.

Abbie loves her uncle Nate! She also loves cheering for Zack. I am bummed b/c I didn't get any pics of him after the game. But he did a great job!!

With all the work parties, ward parties, friend parties, family parties, baking, eating, wrapping, cleaning, shopping etc. etc. this is how Abbie deals with it all ! :) I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!