Monday, September 21, 2009

As I finally sat down to update my blog, I looked over and this is the little booty I saw! I have been meaning to put her walker away but lately when I'm doing Justin's paperwork I have found that if I set her in it and give her a few snacks it helps to keep her trapped so she can't make HUGE messes (for at lease a short while) !
I don't know what happened to my sweet little baby. It seemed like the day she turned one is the day she got an attitude and turned into my little terrorizer! Her favorite things to do are: unload everything from the cupboards while mommy isn't looking; quietly sneak into her room and pull out ALL the wet wipes from a new case; push all of daddy's buttons on his printers and credit card machines so the next day he spends and least 30 min figuring it all out; kiss mom's newly cleaned mirrors with peanut butter covered lips; once outside, immediately head to any dirt, water or mud and completely cover herself with it; etc. etc , but her absolute favorite is bossing around Saydie (our dog) and her baby dolls!
Although she does definitely keep me on my toes, I have to say I do love her little sassy attitude! She is so much fun and cracks me up everyday with all her new words and just watching how her little mind works!
Lately going shopping has been a nightmare... I won't even go into the details I'm sure everyone gets the picture - but I have found the solution!!! We went to Costco and they had balloons and of course she had to have an "oon" so I loosely tied it to her wrist and I was in total shock!!! She didn't want out of the cart once the entire time.. miracle!!! She was even good when we went to Target after! Now I just need to find a place that has helium balloons every time I go shopping :)

Anyway.. this summer was super crazy, which they usually always are and I was really bad at remembering my camera, so I'll just post what we have been up to lately. For labor day we went to SJ to hang out with my fam. As always it was a lot of fun. We decided to try our luck and go 4-wheeling in Nutrioso...and it turned out that we got pretty lucky it only rained on us for a short while. Abbie loved it.. she slept most of the time.. yea!! Oh- and don't you just love Justin's pink little coat, we were really scrounging to find rain proof gear! The pose makes it look even better!:)

This is on the top of Greens Peak.. soo pretty!! We were able to climb the big metal tower, which I thought was actually kinda scary, but worth it. I just LOVE the mountains!

This is a really bad pic (camera phone) but we went to the Brad Paisley Concert!!! I just loved our double date.. Garret and James.. it reminded me of the cruise we took a while ago. It seems like I'm always stuck with a bunch of boys! They are a lot of fun but it would be nice to have a little more girl talk..hint hint!!

It rained all day and so I thought for sure we were going to get soaked, but we got lucky again because it stopped right before we left!! It was a blast and Brad was great!!

This year our garden once again turned into a jungle! I thought that I had done so well at spacing the plants so it wouldn't, but I was once again wrong.. maybe next year! Abbie loved just about everything, but her favorite was the grapes from our grape vine. I think she liked it because she could pick them herself and then they popped in her mouth when she bit them.

This year I tried canning salsa which of course was a lot of work, but worth it when I was done! I just got a bunch of apples so this week I'm heading to my gram's so she can help me make applesauce and apple pie filling .. she is the best!