Sunday, April 26, 2009

Abbie has been so funny lately. I always knew she was full of personality but as she gets older it gets better and better! Whenever anyone gives her attention (which is a lot because everyone has to stop and ask me where she gets her red hair) she crinkles up her nose and gives them the cheesiest smile. She also loves to give people the finger...meaning she points at everyone and then opens her mouth really wide and sticks out her tongue. I know its kinda weird!! :) But her favorite thing is to wave at everyone.. so weather they like it or not they have to give her attention! But my favorite is her wet, slobbery kisses all over my face! She will only give them out when she wants to and sometimes I can't get her to stop! She can now say mama and daddy really good and she kinda makes the sounds for doggy, horsey, peek-a-boo and thank you! I can't believe my baby us getting so big!

I thought this pic was super cute! Her and Karli were rolling the ball back and forth and Abbie was bustin up big time. It was so funny!

Abbie and Karli petting Rita. They both stood there forever.. Rita loved it!

My dad and Karli love to play rock, paper, scissors. But the sick thing is whoever wins gets to lick their finger and wipe it on the loser's forehead!!! Karli tried to play it with me ..but no way! :)

My beautiful mom and Abbie just chillin' watchin my crazy dad and Karli.

My "giant-little" bro had to get surgery on his ankle because he grew too fast and his tendons and muscles were all messed up and had bone fragments floatin around. So he is in crutches for a few weeks

I had to try out his crutches. It was pretty funny, you can't really tell in this picture but my feet were no where even close to touching the ground. Even though I am the oldest, I am definitely the shortest. But I still dominate ;)

I know this is really late, but we had a great Easter. It was kinda cold so Justin's sister invited us over for a great lunch with yummy homemade ice cream ( my fav). I love this pic of Abbie in her Easter dress because it shows her chubby cheeks!

This is Abbie in her favorite pose.. mouth open and tongue out. Poor girl she was doing it so much that her skin and bottom lip got super chapped, and I still couldn't get her to stop!

While we were at Justin's sisters house, after awhile I realized that Justin was gone. When I went to look for him this is what I found. Notice there are no kids around only him! The funny thing is even though he kinda looks like he is asleep he is really playing with a toy train!! I think he waited for all the kids to leave so he could have it all to himself!:)

Abbie was having a blast playing with her cousin and grandpa!

And yes, another kinda funny Abbie and Justin story! We went to Target the other day and after awhile I realized that Justin and Abbie weren't behind me anymore. So after I went looking for them I finally found them in the patio area both almost asleep! The funny thing is that they were basically in the center of the store so people were all around them. Those two are constantly crackin me up!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I just got back from the store and I had to have this be the first pic I post! Abbie is so funny.. I was buying some treats for conference weekend and she had to hold onto both root beers the entire time we were at the store and not to mention her leg was also kicked up the whole time!! When I went to check out she threw a fit when I took the root beers from her. She already knows the good stuff!!
* (Sorry I got way behind so this is a long post) *


Project #1: Justin and Abbie getting the side field ready for garden time .. hopefully we do better this year ;)
Project #2: We finally got some crusher fines to line the side of our house b/c our crazy dog has made a "great" running path that has no hope for any grass growing.

Project #3: Justin decided to dig the well deeper so that we would have more pressure when we irrigated.... and I think he wanted a happy wife b/c before it would take me ALL DAY to irrigate our lawns and garden... but not anymore:)

I'm not too sure what was happening here, but it was pretty neat seeing all that water shoot out of the well!

Project #4: Pouring a Patio!!! YEA!!! I have been wanting to do this since we moved in!!
It is so nice to have such great friends and family. We have had so much help with all our craziness!! Todd came down and helped us stamp the patio, it turned out really cool.. I'm excited!!
I thought this pic was kinda funny... I caught Justin watching Todd work, Todd with the "plumbers crack" and Kenzi walking on the new concrete! Just don't look too close at my ugly shed and dieing grass. Our house and yard is definitely a work in progress!!

The PBR came to town so of-course we had to go.. not only once but twice!! The first night Justin came late b/c he was conducting at a baptism.. hence the white shirt. He definitely looked out of place!! So since he didn't get to watch ALL of it we had to go back the next day.. but I have to say it was pretty fun! (Oh- for those of you that don't know what the PBR is it is professional bull ridding.. I didn't know until i married Justin)

Abbie especially loved it because her now favorite aunt Myka shared her chocolate ice cream. She definitely takes after her mom!!!

Justin again annoyed at me because I am trying to take pictures while he is trying to watch... whatever :)

My fam came down a couple of weekends ago.. which we love.. so we decided after church to go and shoot some hoops and throw the softball around. This is my "little" bro Zack. He thinks super hot now that he can dunk the bball. But I have to admit it is pretty cool!

Of-course it didn't take very long for Justin to find a hose and go after Zack!!! I keep trying to get Justin to act his age when he is around my brothers but I'm about to accept that, that will NEVER happen!! Between my dad, brothers and Justin it is always crazy when we get together..but I love it!!

Although Justin's "great" idea definitely back-fired!! They both got completely SOAKED!!

My brother Preston is serving his mission in Africa and sent Abbie these cute African shoes. Although I they are a little too big but I think they will fit her perfect when he gets home. We definitely miss and love him!! I also love this pic b/c it shows her cute little feet.. they are one of my favorite things about her. They already have a little arch.. it is soo cute!!

This is another picture of what I come home to!! Justin strapped Abbie in her car seat so she couldn't get into things and then put on baby Einstein!! Its always something new with those two. They both make me laugh!!
I have to say that conference weekend is one of my favs!! It always includes way too much eating, way too much laziness, and hangin with lots of family.. Oh ya and of course I do love to listen to all the wonderful speakers!! :) Garret, (Justins bro) as you can see definitely got a lot out of the Saturday sessions. Don't ask me why he has Abbies seat on his head!!! He is so funny.. justin and i were bustin up because not only did he have a seat on his head but he was also snoring SO LOUD!!!