Sunday, February 8, 2009

I know that I just barely said that Fall and Christmas were my most favorite times of the year..but right now summer can't come fast enough!! It has been pretty warm here the past few days so Justin and I have definitely gotten in the "mood"! We have been spending as much time as we can outside tryin to fix up our yard.. and planning what different projects we want to do this year. He doesn't get in this mood very often so I have to take advantage of it while it lasts! :) A couple of weeks ago the weather was great again so Abbie and I went to the zoo with some friends. It was a lot of fun. Abbie absolutely loved being outside and watching the kids play. The Albq zoo really is neat... I hadn't been to a zoo in forever so it was fun seeing all the different animals.

We couldn't really figure what exactly this tiger was doing to the log.. it was kinda funny!

As we were eating out ice cream cones these peacocks were walking all around us.. the kids loved it!

Last weekend we went to Farmington to visit my cousins. It was a tun of fun! They are getting ready to open a new business where they sell joyners ( they're kinda like sand rails). So of course we had to go and try them out. I have to say I am definitely turning into such a wimp as I get older because it freaked me out. I thought for sure we weren't going to make it up some of the hills Orrin took me over!!

Justin loved it.. he now thinks he has to have one!!

Abbie and Payson who are a month apart had a great time playin in the dirt. I only caught it in her mouth twice.. thats ok -right!:)

Of course we had to take pics of them in the joyner, and getting those two to both look at me at the same time was impossible!!

We took Abbie to her first UNM vs BYU b-ball game. I couldn't tell who liked it more - Justin because UNM killed BYU or Abbie because of all the noise and action around her!!

No matter what I do I can never get Abbie to look at me while I take her picture. And of-course Justin wouldn't look at me either because he was too into the game and embarrassed that I was taking so many pics! But I did it anyway:)

Abbie loves to give kisses and hugs!!

The other night Abbie honestly had the worst night EVER!! She woke up almost every hour.. it was the worst!! I usually don't get too mushy but I have to say I have the best hubby! At about 4 AM he came and got her from me and took her in by the fire and she finally fell asleep there for the rest of the night. I found them the next morning and had to take a pic!

As I was getting pictures off my camera I found this one!! Now I know how Justin entertains Abbie while I am gone! Poor baby.. but i guess it is kinda funny

Abbie has definitely found her own way of movin around. She tilts her head back, arches her back and then kicks her legs so she can scoot on her head. It really is pretty funny to watch her do it.

So this is where my sweet babe gets her red hair. My little sis Cambria! Her hair doesn't look too red in this pic but when she was younger in was a lot redder. I hope Abbie's turns out to be just as beautiful as Cam's. I have to say it is kinda funny seein me with my dark hair holdin by babe with her red hair. But we love her red hair and her red headed attitude!!