Sunday, January 25, 2009

I know this is a little late but GO CARDINALS... Super Bowl party here we come :)!! Last weekend was a lot of fun. We met up with my family at my grandparents house to watch the game. It was great- a winning team and lots of food and fam what else do ya need! Of course I didn't get any pics b/c we were all too into the game!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone!! We had so much fun this year! One of the funnier parts of this Christmas was a party that Justin and I had at our house. We had a bunch of friends come over and bring white elephant gifts. We first played a game where everyone sits in a circle and passes the presents to the right, left, throw across the circle etc. as a story is read. It was pretty crazy! But my fav was the white elephant exchange. I was going to post some of the pics of the party but either the gifts were a little too "crazy" (if you know what i mean:) or our faces were distorted from laughing so hard!! To say the least it was a fun party.. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time!!
But my most favorite part this year was playing santa for my little babe!! Even though she really had no clue what was going on and for the most part would much rather play with the paper and boxes then her presents, it was still a blast!!

One of my good friends Skye taught me how to make this cute tutu. They are so easy, I even made one for my sister and nieces! I was trying to take one of her with her Christmas tutu on in front of the tree but as you can see she didnt really like that idea.

This year we went to SJ for Christmas. Everyone was there except my bro Preston who is on a mission in Africa. It was neat because we all sent him money before Christmas so he could do something neat with it for a family there and then tell us about it when he got to call Christmas day. He ended up going to an orphanage in Africa and using the money to help make their Christmas a little better. It was so neat to hear him talk about it and all the other great experiencs he is having there. We sure miss him but wouldn't have him any other place!

Abbie liked her new toy for about two seconds then went on to destroy the presents that are right next to her
Karli helped Abbie open every present! She is so funny .. every time I talk to her on the phone she asks if Abbie is big yet so she can play with her and if she can talk to her on the phone!!

Karli is definetly our little princess. She got a vanity so she can put makeup on all day while listening to music (she had to have a radio just like zack). She is always wearing a princess dress and dancing around! On Christmas she put so much makeup on that the next day her eyes were puffy!!

So finally got her snow white dress!!!
After Christmas we always go up to my grandmas house for a yummy lunch!! I think I gained at least 10 lbs! All we did is EAT!! This is Abbie with my mom and gram.

The day after Christmas it snowed all day long!! So we all decided to take advantage of it and go tubing. After finally tracking down one sled and one tube (not much of a selection in SJ) we were off to patterson pond.

It was snowing the whole time we were out there, so we FROZE!! My poor little brother zach. He is so tall and has such big feet and hand that none of the boots or gloves fit him so he put walmart bags around his feet and then put his shoes on. It was so funny. Poor guy he went completley numb! I wish I would have gotten a picture!!
We pulled the tube behind the truck until it popped then the boys found two mattresses so they some how rigged those up behind the truck!! It was actually alot of fun ..we could fit at least three people on the mattress. I know the things you do when you are in a small town!!

Justin kept running into this same bush after going down the hill! There really is a sled under there if you look close! :)

Karli and I after going down the hill... we made a new track so snow was in our face the whole way down! Karli was done at that point and so was I! It was alot of fun, but so so cold!!!