Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow.. I have been out of the blogging mood for a long time but I thought I better do a quick update before I get too far behind. So this is a short abbreviation of what we have been up to lately. This year for Christmas we stayed here in the good ol' nuevo mexico . (As you can tell I'm starting to fit in ;) We had all of Justin's family and all his uncle's family over for Christmas Eve which was a lot of fun! Abbie absolutely loved sweet little baby Paizlee. She would not leave her alone the entire night. She has always been my little girly girl. She has always loved babies and is usually trying to carry around all her dolls at once!!

Every Christmas Eve our neighborhood gets together and puts luminarias up and down the entire street. It really looks super neat!!

Christmas morning we loaded up all our presents and took them over to Justin's parents house so we could all open them together. But I left out a few of the presents from Santa so it would be a little easier. Abbie loved them, although the baby kinda freaked her out because it did this weird eye blinking thing and made funny sucking noises, but she got used to it and now won't put her down!!

I am so not a animal in the house kind of girl but when it gets super cold outside Justin sneaks in Saydie and Abbie is in heaven! I have found her trying to kiss Saydie on the lips, share her binky with her, and is constantly trying to hug her!!! But Saydie is such a good dog and just lays there while Abbie tourchers her.. poor dog!

I just loved Abbie's face in this can tell she doesn't like to share her "horsey" rides! We are still working on the sharing thing!

For Thanksgiving we went to SJ. This is the only picture I got. I guess I was too busy stuffing my face! :) First thing Karli did when she woke up was dress up her and Abbie.. make up and all!
After the fourth Halloween Justin and I have spent together I have realized I have married the Halloween nazi! We all had to dress up whether we liked it or not and he had his costume planed out since Oct 1! I tried to get him to match Abbs and I but it just wasn't "good enough"!?! Halloween night he had scary music blaring from the garage, about 10 carved pumpkins all over the drive way, spider webs everywhere, and he and his brother sat and scared the older kids who would come to the door. It was pretty funny! We also had some friends come over so that their kids could go trick or treating in our crazy neighborhood. It was a great Halloween!

My sweet little bumble bee!!

Now that Abbie has gotten a little bigger Justin sometimes takes her with him when he rides his horse which she absolutely loves!!! She cries every time I have to take her off! I think she is going to be daddy's little "cowgirl'!

Justin was so proud that his little girl loves to ride with him that, that next week he had to go and buy her, her own pair of cowgirl boots. Even though they were about two sizes too big she still loved them and I could hardly pry them off her!

This past weekend we met my family at my grandparents to just hang out and be lazy. Although after a while we all started to go a little stir crazy so of course Justin wanted to take my brothers on in a competition of who could do the best "tricks" on the tramp. He thought he would for sure win with his fancy front flip and smooth finish of landing on his booty.

Zack somehow got his huge body into multiple back flips..

and Nate of course was full of all sorts of different flips. This is when he was doing some kind of crazy side flip...he's nuts!! After all was said and done Justin was still convinced that his front flip took the cake! :)