Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ok- before I post what I was planning on today the funniest thing just happened.. we noticed Abbie was being very quiet so Justin went over to her and he started laughing b/c her eyes started going cross-eyed, nostrils flared, and then the EXPLOSION!!! This picture doesn't even really do it justice- it was everywhere. But the funny thing is that it went mainly up her sides - I had never seen anything like it!! So of course Justin started freakin out (gagging/laughing), we then made a deal I take off her diaper (I always get the worst part of the deals :) if he puts her in the bath. When it was Justins turn, as he was undressing her he got poo all over her tummy, arms and HAIR!!! Of course he made Garret his bro help him and they were both dieing!! I tried to take pictures of them but they wouldn't pay attention to me, they were too busy FREAKIN OUT!! It was honestly the funniest thing to watch them. But know everything is clean and sanitized and she is sleeping! :)

Abbie is now 3 1/2 months old!! We try to do tummy time everyday but she absolutely hates it, these pictures are just before she has her breakdown! She has been sleeping through the night now for about 2 weeks and every morning we through a party!! She has discovered her hands and it is so funny to watch her concentrate so hard on how she can get them into her mouth. Some of her favorite things are trees, fans and when we sing and dance together! Justin makes fun of me but Abbie and I love it!! Although it was pretty embarrassing, the other day Justins mom and sister came to the door and witnessed the famous song and dance- they busted up laughing- I didnt think it was that funny- I think I have some dang good moves and voice... although no one seems to agree! :)

The annual "gettin wood" trip. Of couse our chain saw kept breaking down so justin was constatly trting to fix it. ( I think he was just tryin to get out of work) :)

Mine and Ki's battle wounds, they really were bigger in real life.
Abbie and Paysons (Ki's baby boy) 1st wood gettin trip. They really enjoyed watching us all work!

So I'm really trying to get our food storage built up and since we had millions of tomatoes I got this really DUMB idea one day that I would try and be all domesticated and can them. BAD IDEA!! It took me all day and I kept busting the jars b/c they weren't hot enough when I put them in the boiling water so they would seal!! So between Abbie and busting jars I only canned about 20. I called my dad afterward to tell him about it thinking he would be all proud of me- but his comment was.. you know you can get two cans for a dollar at the store!!!!

We went with some of our friends to the UNM vs UofA football game. It was alot of fun and perfect weather. Justin kept texting my fam b/c they are all big UofA fans and talking trash b/c UNM won again.
Abbie enjoying watching all the crazy UNM fans
Ben and Skye have a little girl that is a few months older then Abbie so we like to get together so they can "play" As you can tell Abbie loves it!
I noticed that we hadn't been taking many pictures of us with Abbie so this is us and her before the game.