Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, February has been a pretty eventful month for our family! First of all we found out a few weeks ago that we will be having another sweet little drama queen coming to our family in June! I love how she is already acting the part by posing with her little fist under her chin! I think it is going to be super fun to have two little girls together. Justin's friend called and told him he is the king of estrogen... even our dog and horse are girls! Ha- poor Justin!!

My little brother Preston also came home from in mission in South Africa! As you can see he really became one with the culture!! It has been so good to finally have him home...he is still most definitely the same ol' Pres with just a stronger testimony! We all loved listening to all his crazy, funny, yucky, and of course super spiritual experiences. He sure was a fun and hard working missionary!

Karli was so excited she could hardly stand it. She was counting down the hours..literally!:)

Abbie is still warming up to Preston. But I don't think it will be long before she is running around the house asking where Pres is just like she does with "Karyee" and "Sack".

During all the craziness of the homecoming dinner Abbie and Cambria snuck away to watch "Abbie" ( which is the Little Mermaid but Abbs calls Abbie because they both have red hair:)

And finally according to Justin the most exciting thing in February was the arrival of our 30 new baby chicks!! A while back he was watching some Discovery show on chickens and decided he wanted to become a "chicken farmer". So every night he was on the Internet researching what breeds were the best, how to raise them, how to build a coop, etc etc. He is now the chicken expert!! He is so crazy!:) Abbie absolutely loves them.. multiple times throughout the day we have to go out an look at the "bak baks"!

I guess I have to admit they are kinda cute! In a few months we are going to have eggs coming out our ears, so if anyone wants any please come get some!! :)