Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well- Justin just left for his second round of calling duty and I thought I could either finish off the bucket of ice cream or update my blog that I have completely forgotten about. I guess I'll save the ice cream until the girls go to bed and I can enjoy it in peace! :)

In February we headed to the great ol' state of AZ for my little bro's wedding. It was great!! The weather was beautiful, wedding and reception a blast, shopping plentiful and friends and family everywhere. What else could we have asked for!?!

I think this might be our first family picture since Bryn was pathetic!!
Abbie absolutely loves Amanda! She hardly ever asks about Preston anymore it is now all about "Manda" as she calls her. During the wedding and receptions she kept asking me where Amanda's crown was. I think she just assumed she was a princess in her beautiful dress and every princess wears a crown ..right!

Bryn really liked hangin with her great grandma and grandpa Shreeve.

My cute mom and Bryn outside the Temple

And here they are the newly married couple!

Zack, Cam, Nate and Bryn. Karli and Abbs are running around somewhere

Well.. Justin and Garret have a new project going on..."oh joy"!! :) They came across a free hot tub and of course brought it to our house to 'fix it up"! Notice how Garret has his feet pushing on something in order for it to work! But my favorite part of the picture is Abbie. Notice how she has a dress on over her skirt. She said she had to wear the skirt because the dress didn't twirl very well!! She is totally into wearing dresses EVERYDAY and if they don't twirl just right it won't work and she refuses to wear it. If she isn't wearing her twirly dresses then she has on her princess dresses with crowns and the whole get-up! But I guess I should at least be thankful she has clothing on...we went through a stage where she only liked wearing her Dora panties!! She is definitely all girl!! The other day we were at the mall and she had the biggest meltdown over sparkly shoes!!! I think we are in trouble!! :)

This is my sweet Bryn or "little B" as we like to call her !:) I can't believe how big she is getting!! The other day while I was shopping a lady asked me if my girls were sisters because Abbs has the red hair and brown eyes and Brynlee has super blue eyes and really blond hair! We joke about what our next one will be like..who knows with our crazy genes!!!

She is full of smiles! Everytime she gets excitied she shakes both hands and feet. It really is super cute!

Abbie got invited to her first birthday party without mom and boy was she excited!! Right before she left I knelt down so I could look her in the eye and give her the talk! I went on to tell her that she had to share, say please and thank you etc. etc. After I got done with my talk she looked at me put her hands together, bowed her head, closed her eyes and whispered "YES MASTER"!! I busted up laughing so hard! At first I didn't know where she got that and then it dawned on me that she had recently watched Kung Fu Panda and there is a turtle master in it. So now on I keep trying to get her to call me Master instead of mom and sometimes she goes for it. But I'm really trying to get her to get her dad to call me Master but so far that hasn't worked!:)

(Oops I forget to rotate the pic) What would Spring be without another batch of 29 chicks to go along with the 16 chickens and 2 roosters we still have!! Yes, my husband is crazy!! He swears he is going to give some away but we'll see. I have decided that I have a severe phobia of roosters!! While Justin went hunting this past Fall I got the great job of feeding the "farm"! Those stinkin roosters would wait until I had my back turned to get hay for the horse and then they would both ATTACK!! I'm sure my neighbors thought I was crazy as I ran from the barn to the house screaming as those stinkin things chased me! Luckily my dad gave me some good advice and told me to take a broom out to smack them with the next time I went. So as I walked I would swing the broom back and forth so it would be harder for them to attack! Needless to say I haven't gone out since and told Justin the next time he leaves the roosters better be gone!!

And i thought I would end this post with how my sweet little red head felt about Sunday dinner! I guess I'll have to try something that might excite her a little more next time!


Heather said...

Good to see you are alive, haha! i would have paid money to see you running from those roosters. Your girls are adorable and getting so big.

Brad and Lisa said...

I'm so glad you posted because it's fun to see how grown up your girls are! They are both so adorable!

house of 7 said...

you have a beautiful family janalee!!!

Tara Wengert Hendriksen said...

Aww!! The girls have gotten so big!! They are darling and it's crazy how different they are- haha. Glad you guys are doing well. See you next month!

Seth and Kamron Carlsen said...

I love looking at your blog. Your girls are so big. Hopefully i can see you guys next time i am in town!!

kyle * krystin said...

cute cute pics! looks like weddings are in the air this year... so much fun. see you at the 24th :)